Friday, 19 October 2012

Jura & Skye

Another double commission complete :)

These two lovely dogs, Jura the Lab and Skye the Spaniel are owned by a lovely gentleman from my home town, who owns Waltons of Hawes check out his website
Jura & Skye

A lot of hours went into these especially the Spaniel, those ears were a struggle I could even see curls when I closed my eyes! It is important for me to get the eyes just perfect as thats what brings the dogs to life, I was particularly pleased with Jura's left eye you can see his emotion and personality through it. 

My next two commissions are both Spaniels so bring on the ears! I will try and keep you posted although I have gone back to Uni now, so finding the time is a bit of a struggle hopefully I'll be able to fit a few hours drawing in when I can

Bye for now xx

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